My name is Lorène Charmetant. I grew up in a very musical family in France, and had the chance to be introduced to music as a kid, attending both piano and choir lessons. Always passionate by sound and voice, I quickly grew a strong interest in a wide variety of music.

As a teenager, I got involved into jazz music, discovering a whole world of improvisation at the Conservatoire de Lyon, in France. There, I studied vocal jazz, improvisation, ear-training, musical theory.
I completed my education at the University of Sherbrooke in Québec, which offered me a new cultural approach to transmit music in a fun and compassionate environment.

I have been teaching music since then as a private teacher in my Yukon-based home, as well as workshops in schools and music camps. 

Teaching experience
  • Private vocal, choir and piano teacher since 2016
  • Yukon music summer camp 2019 & 2020
    Vocal jazz instructor
  • Ecole Emilie Tremblay
    Music workshops
  • CSSC Emile Mercier
    Vocal workshop
Education and training
  • Conservatoire de Villefranche-sur-Saône 2004-07
    Jazz piano with Karim Maurice, choir

  • Conservatoire de Lyon 2007-11
    Vocal jazz with Jerôme Duvivier, music theory, ear training, jazz vocal ensemble

  • Sherbrooke University 2016-17
    Vocal jazz technique with Isabelle Messier, pop/jazz arrangement, music technology, classical and jazz vocal ensemble, ear-training, instrumental education

  • Centre de la voix Rhône-Alpes 2020
    Manual technique for the voice with Jean-Blaise Roch, voice specialist and osteopath

  • Berklee music school 2020
    Vocal technique with Anne Peckham