Voice Lessons

I have been through a voice journey – always been singing, but somehow never really feeling free with the sound I was producing.

Patience, training.

My journey as a singer has been completely intertwined with my journey as a human being, breaking free of some generational habits, and slowly finding a voice I enjoyed singing with.

Accepting your voice is accepting yourself. It is part of the process of becoming a better human being.

What voice lessons look like

Adapted to your needs and objectives, one-on-one lessons will help you to express the most with your own voice, strengthening it and helping flexibility through vocal technique. Any of the topics below can be addressed, or others that you may suggest.

  • vocal technique (voice mechanism, breath support, resonance, flexibility, anatomy, pitch, vocal health, vibrato, diction)
  • singing your own interpretation of a song / embellishments
  • vocal anatomy – a look at the parts of the body that help you produce good vocal sound
  • accompanying yourself with an instrument
  • establishing a routine that works with your schedule to help your vocal growth
  • improvising
  • ear training
  • music theory
Learn with a friend

You can share your one-hour lessons with a fellow student of your choice in a tandem lesson to enjoy a full hour of learning time for half the price.


Do you want to know more about singing? Please contact me here for more info.

Would you like to sing with others and practice your ability to harmonise with different voices? Check out the voice ensemble.